Counselling offers a safe, non judgemental, accepting space to explore our relationships with ourselves and with others, to work out what makes us tick and so to build a more understanding, understood, compassionate and resilient self.

Sometimes, for no obvious reason, life becomes an uphill struggle.  Or you may have come to realise that every day has become a chore, that everything is dark and heavy, that things could be better.  Perhaps you feel that issues from your past are negatively affecting your relationships and/or behaviour and find it difficult to understand why.  It’s very often almost impossible to be objective when things seem out of control, when we’re feeling anxious or emotional, or without any feeling at all.  Sometimes it just helps to have someone welcoming and kind to listen, to care and to think with you.  It is very often the case that just hearing yourself tell someone what’s going on for you will lighten your load.  I believe I can offer you an opportunity to understand, to build strength and to hope.

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